Equilibrium (EQ) was formed in March of 2013. After being actively involved in several guilds, all with different policies and structures, Cillie and Saichotick (husband and wife) decided that it was time to step out on their own to form a guild more suited to their philosophy. 
EQ is an average sized guild that has remained active throughout several expansions. EQ balances a social atmosphere with progression raiding. During MoP we maintained several successful raid teams, as well as a heroic progression team that cleared 13/14 before 6.0 dropped and completed Mythic difficulty in SoO. 

We mainly focus on clearing heroic content, however, if there is time at the end of the tier, we may try our hands at some of the early Mythic bosses. 
EQ takes pride in cultivating an atmosphere that is respectful and fun while maintaining progression at a reasonable rate, allowing our raiders to see content at the highest level.

Guild Rules

Guild Chat: 

  • Treat others with respect. There are many different personality types within a large group of people and it is important to keep guild chat clear of language that may insult others or make them feel uncomfortable.
  • On another note, try not to be overly sensitive. We are a group of mostly adults with adult senses of humor. If someone directs something at you that makes you feel uncomfortable, notify an officer or put them on ignore. However, it is important that people understand that, unless a comment is directed at you personally, it may be best to let some stuff go. 

Guild Bank: 

  •  Please feel free to use the tabs of the guild bank available to you. However, if you are caught selling items out of the guild bank you will be removed from the guild. If you remove items regularly, try to deposit items of equal value in order to avoid depleting the resources for others. 


  • The officer channel: There is not a password on the officer channel. However, this channel is for Officer use only. If you wish to join the channel when officers are in a meeting, whisper someone first to make sure it is ok to join the channel. Guild members should not use the officer channel for any reason.
  • Try not to talk over others in mumble. Wait your turn.
  • If you and another person are having a conversation unrelated to what is being discussed in the mumble channel, move to another channel.
  • If you have been removed from the guild you are no longer welcome in our mumble channel.  
  • When Laughing at a hilarious joke in mumble you MUST press your push to talk button. 

If you are bored, check out our Heroic Horridon kill. Fast forward to the last 5 minutes or so. It's pretty hilarious.  


:::::::::HEROIC HORRIDON KILL::::::::